With the 【wood shock】 which has occurred in Japan

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A wood soars in Japan as of 2021, and it’s lacking.

Therefore housing industry receives a heavy blow.

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What?【wood shock】

By an unprecedented infection.

It became a lot that there is everyone in a house.

Therefore housing demand increased worldwide.

Japanese housing industry is using an import wood much.

Therefore soaring of a worldwide wood is received much.

Japanese import volume also decreased.

calling these lack of a wood soaring a 【wood shock】 in Japan.

The contents it influences

It influences construction industry in general.

The annual number of houses probably becomes about 80 %.

The Japanese housing industry in 2021 is severe.

The housing price of Japan will rise from now on.

A Japanese wood value is rising 1.5 times.

How many days does it continue?

Lack of a wood

Lack of a Japanese wood would continue for about 1 years.

Domestic lumber is supplied in A.D. 2022, and it would be canceled.

The price of the wood

Unless worldwide great depression like the collapse of Lehman Brothers occurs.

Soaring of a wood probably continues and is prolonged.

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