17 kinds of tool a Japanese construction professional uses

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I’ll introduce the tool a professional of Japanese construction often uses for architectural work by this site.

If DIY goods will be begun now, please see using a Japanese high-performance tool.

Carpenter’s tools


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It’s used to process a wood.


It’s necessary to be able to have complete set of tip of a hammer and stem separately.


Mold hammer(型枠玄能/katawakugennou)

The multi-tool by which a pincers sticks to a hammer


When completing the surface of the wood and adjusting size O, it’s used.


The section also becomes sharp for the saw a Japanese craftsman made beautifully.

Ink jar(墨壺/sumitubo)

When serving Rhein from wall, it’s used.
The design is also wonderful.


When taking out a right angle and processing a log, it’s used.

Plasterer tool

plasterer iron(左官鏝/sakankote)

The plasterer iron plasterer’s Japanese professional uses.


The plaster used for a wall inside Japan and an outer wall.

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Garden designing tool

Plant scissors(植木鋏/uekihasami)

It’s used to prune a branch of a plant.

Gardener work arrive(植木屋作業着/uekiyasagyougi)

When a gardener works, they’re the clothes put on.


Electric equipment made in Japan

The high-performance electric power tool used in Japan.

Electric screwdriver

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Location stock laser

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The last talk

A knife and a blunt instrument are included in the tool introduced this time.
When using the tool introduced here for DIY goods, please be careful scrupulously and use.

Thank you very much for seeing this site.